Are You Using These 2017 Web Design Trends?

Every year, we witness different design elements popping up on websites worldwide. As advancements are made with design and development tools, so too are there advancements in the preferences that viewers have for websites. With creativity and innovation behind its drive, there are several trends that are prominent in 2017.

1. Design Towards Mobile

In a world that is fixated on smart devices, it is vital for your website to be compatible across all devices in 2017. It is the primary way that people now search for information, and if viewing is made difficult through unresponsive designs, your website will fall behind despite the quality of your products/services. Ensure that you make the move to a site that effectively delivers content across smaller screens, and optimise your site for mobile use.

2. Powerful Typography

Aesthetics need to be strong and bold in 2017, oozing quality and style. Typography is included in this, adding personality to your brand and setting the design tone for your site. Include some attractive and simple design elements throughout your typography, and link it back to the overall design presentation of your website.

3. High Quality Photography

Going hand in hand with our last point is the need for photos that offer realistic and high-quality looks. Ditch the old and overused stock photos, and replace them with authentic and professional photography. Take a look at the imagery that you use to promote your business, and ensure that you are conveying the message that you are after. With the ability for people to easily take photos with smart devices, it is vital that you offer appealing visuals that meet, or exceed, the high standards being set across the industry.

4. Strong Animation

As web design and development grows, so too do the ways we convey messages. Creating a point of difference is the addition of animation to move websites from static imagery into unique, engaging display. These animations can differ in type, from characters that occupy the user as pages load, to sites focussed around delivering content by design. Used to enhance the viewers experience, and create a more long-lasting impression on users, animation could be the very thing that your site is missing.

5. More Videos

Known for its ability to capture user attention instantly, video content is becoming more readily included as part of web designs. They can relay a personal and interesting insight into your company, and convey tone and character of business culture. Offering a point of difference against an otherwise motionless page, videos are the dynamic addition to websites that are engaging viewers and humanising companies.

Ensure that your website is the best reflection of your business. First impressions are everything, and if you fall behind to newer web development and designs you could risk losing leads, and ultimately sales. Evaluate your website against the current trends, and create a pleasant user experience.

By Nothing But Web

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