The 3 Must-Haves in A Landing Page

In order to create the perfect landing page, you have to first understand the basics of what it is. So, to break it down, a landing page is created specifically to attract the attention of potential customers. There are a lot of elements that make a good landing page, and we a have created an easy list for you to know exactly what makes a killer one.

The first thing you need to think of before even beginning the process is identifying the outcome that you would like to reach, who you are competing against, who is your audience and what do they look for on the site you use? By answering these, you will have a clear foundation to create your landing page with, whilst keeping the key goals in mind. Now, let’s get down to business. How to create the perfect landing page.

1. Keep it Simple, But Good

Short and simple landing pages are often most effective. Being inundated with information can be overwhelming, leading to viewers clicking off. Having a clean web design can be crucial to the overall success of your site, from audience satisfaction to readability. Provide the basic information that captures the audience straight away, and convey the message you want clearly. Anything else is overkill.

Now, we want to make ourselves clear. This is strictly about the way you convey your information, and not the quality of that information. Providing highly tuned content can work heavily in your favour. Ensure that the information you do provide is valuable and worthy content, because it will inadvertently lead to confidence being built in your website, and your message.

Tip: Quality over quantity

2. Control the Stream

The goal of a landing page is to ultimately control the pathway people take to gain the information from your site. This can be done easily, but there are elements that can influence the pathway that people take.

If you provide too many pathways, you could hinder the process. Try to limit the number of hyperlinks that exist as alternate destinations. This will allow you to easily control the way people move around your website.

Tip: Less is more

3. Call It In

An essential element to any landing page is a motivating message that inspires viewers to take charge. In other words, you need to wrap this up nicely with an inviting and simple call to action. A call to action is self-explanatory at the face of it, and is quite simply a way for websites to promote the viewer to respond to the message. This can be seen in many forms, such as liking a page, following your content, buying your product, sharing your post and much, much more.

Tip: Be encouraging, not pushy.

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