3 Tips to Protect Your WordPress

WordPress is widely used throughout the world to create websites in an effective and straightforward way. With it being one of the best of its kind, WordPress is used by personal bloggers, small businesses and larger companies alike to create their website. But how do they all go about protecting their site?

It is essential for any website to have a clear barrier against hackers. Your WordPress page is no exception, and there are necessary steps that a user needs to take to ensure that they have elements in place to deter or stop hackers from taking information or profit. With technology advancements occurring all the time, there are also advanced methods used to compromise security, and access classified information within your WordPress page. Thankfully, there are a few steps that can help you protect your WordPress site and those who interact with it.

Create A Personal Username

When creating your WordPress site, you will notice that the default username featured is “admin”. Out of ease, people tend to keep this username for their log in. Don’t. As it is the default, hackers can easily manoeuvre their way into your website. By having a generic username, you are giving them half the access and taking out the guesswork.

Do not stress if you are on the other side of it, and already took on the admin name. All you will need to do is create another administrator level login, then delete the admin one. Although this is a relatively simple step, it can make all the difference.

Hard to Crack Passwords

12345 is not an adequate password in 2017. Neither is your birthday, pets name, your name or anything of that nature. There is software that hackers use to test every word in the dictionary against your password. Your password should make no sense, and bear no meaning. In fact, it should look as though you have hit your laptop a few times. Random letters, symbols, numbers and capitalisation. The more obscure, the less likely it is that a hacker can crack it. Ensure that you keep your password written somewhere as to not forget it.

Up to Date

It should go without saying that there is a reason why we get software updates. Most of these carry up to date security methods that cover potential security risks. By failing to update your WordPress, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable. Whether it is through outdated files, plugins or themes, hackers are able to take advantage and gain access to your WordPress. Update now to the latest version of WordPress, themes and plugins to ensure that you site is safe.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee your safety against hackers – given that some individuals recently pulled off one of the biggest worldwide hacks ever – but, it does add an extra element for them to fight against and makes their job more difficult. Raise your security levels today and protect your WordPress site!

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