4 Ways to Find Topics for Your WordPress Blog

With over 2 billion blogs uploaded daily, you need to find to make your content stand out above the rest. By following these tips, you will be able to create new and engaging content for your WordPress blog with ease!

1. Harness the Hashtags and Trends

Generally, hashtags circle around trending topics across the world. By evaluating these, you may be able to find hot topics that are being spoken about across digital media. In most cases, you are able to base your hashtag searches based on geographical location or industry, allowing you to make it even more relevant towards your blog content.

Simply, follow a hashtag string within social media about a trending topic, and read what people are posting about it.

More than that, harnessing tools such as Google Trends can show you points of interest across the world, and how people are engaging with it. Not only does it show you relevant keywords, but it unlocks the latest news about given topics that are circulating widely. For those who haven’t used it, Google Trends offers data directly sourced from live Google searches across the world, and offers you the highest trending topics. It offers this data in a number of forms, such as by location, country, topic or keyword information. From already trending topics, to those on the rise globally, you can use these generated stories and topics to your advantage and create that is already popular.

2. Viewer Comments

The comments section of your own blogs, or blogs like yours, can hold a treasure cove of topics. If there are a range of questions left underneath your post, perhaps there is an area of that specific topic that you didn’t delve into enough. With this, you can make a follow up post with more information and answer relevant questions that were asked.

You can also involve your readership by asking them to leave your specific topics that they’d like to see more of on your blog.

3. Online Forums

When people are lost, they more than likely turn to online forums to have their questions answered. After all, how can they be alone? By trawling through these online forums, you can stumble across topics that may not be touched on within your given industry. Try to look at the ones that are more recent, or have a wide range of engagement. It can usually generate some interesting and untouched topics.

4. Go the Other Way

One downside to chasing trending topics is that there could often be the same viewpoint produced over again. When people tend to click on articles listed on the first or second page of a Google search, you need to have content that isn’t only optimised, but shows a different angle to a publicised topic. One way to do so is by turning it around on its head. Instead of a blog topic such as “X Things to Do…” write one on “X Things on What Not to Do…”.

Another way to do this is by giving old content a new spin. Evaluate content and see if there are new advancements made over certain topics, or ways to deliver newer information. It can not only offer a newer insight on a lasting topic, but revive older content, and have both old and newer content thrive.

5. Seasonal Posts

An effortless way to ensure you content is fresh and relevant is by looking towards seasonal topics. For summer, focus on the way this season effects your given industry. Some of the most clicked on articles are informative pieces on what to do around given seasonal events, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Summer, Winter, etc.

By using these different avenues of information gathering, you should be able to unlock a range of topics to keep your WordPress blog content thriving.

By Nothing But Web

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