5 Easy Ways to Get Motivated at Work

Day in and day out at work, it can be hard to fight the symptoms of the daily grind. When this happens, you can lose your passion, your motivation and productivity. We’ve found 5 easy ways for you to get motivated while you are at work so you can stay positive and in love with the job you have.

1. Make ‘Done’ Lists

When you can clearly set out what you need to do, your work will become more motivating as you start to get it done. Nothing is worse than working all day and then reflecting on your day, only to feel like you have got nothing done. To prevent these feelings, create a ‘Done List’. At the end of each working day, write down all the tasks or jobs you completed. Then you can easily see how your hours were spent and how much work you actually did.

2. Find the Significance of Tasks

An important key to motivation in the workplace is recognising the significance of your tasks. Seeing how your work is affecting the workplace, the team and the overall business can give you a better perspective of your role and duties. You will see the importance of what you are doing and feel more motivated to do your job.

3. Switch it Up

Do you stick to the same schedule or routine each and every day of the week? If so, it’s time to switch things up. This will not only be beneficial for your motivation, but also for your brain! You will feel stimulated as you start working on different tasks and your motivation will be refreshed as you do so.

4. Find Some Feedback

Getting feedback from your peers and/or your superiors is an excellent way to feel more motivated in your role. Receiving feedback will not only increase your confidence, but you will also be able to see where you can hone your skills even more to become even better at your job.

5. Add Autonomy

While it might seem difficult to find autonomy if you don’t work for yourself, it is not impossible. You can communicate areas where you would like to improve your skills or receive more training, ask for feedback more often, or ask for clarification of a task should it not be very clear or if it seems insignificant.

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