5 Tips for Creating a Homepage that Wows Visitors

Your homepage is the first thing your customers see upon visiting your site, and you know what they say, first impressions count. So, how can your brand capitalise on the powerful pull a well-executed homepage, both technically and aesthetically, can yield for business? In this post we’ll explore five vital elements essential for a successful homepage that demands user attention.

1. A strong homepage should clearly identify to visitors ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and ‘what visitors can do on our site’. Established brands can get away with minimal content because they have already made a name for themselves within the industry. However, for smaller businesses it is important that you answer the big questions clearly and efficiently. You want users looking for businesses like yours to know as soon as they click through to your website that they have arrived at the right place, and to address any initial queries with as little clicks as possible.

2. The most efficient homepages are those that speak directly to the desired demographic in words that they understand. There will be plenty of opportunities for industry-speak and jargon on your site, however a well-executed homepage should answer questions clearly and provide visitors with a reason for further exploration. To achieve this, it is important to make sure you know your brand’s audience back to front. Demand attention through a thorough knowledge of visitor needs and collaboration with talented copywriters. Combine this with exceptional development and design, and your brand’s homepage will be impossible for visitors to ignore.


3. We know we harp on about it, but mobile-capability is a must. Mobile traffic comes in droves and if your website is not mobile-friendly, visitors will surely not make it past the homepage. Additionally, all the hard work that went into the design and development of your website’s homepage will be in vain because the site will not appear to mobile visitors the way you had intended it.

4. Your homepage should evolve along with both your brand’s demographic and the ever-changing digital landscape. As is true within every industry, audience needs are never stagnant, and this is why the best homepages are those that change in time with, if not ahead of, those needs.

5. Ultimately, the purpose of a homepage is to entice visitors into making a desired action. The use of call-to-actions is a vital part of this process. Prompting your site’s visitors into taking the next steps towards desirable action is, largely, achieved by compelling primary and secondary call-to-actions (CTAs). CTAs help reduce visitor confusion, and by extension, clicks. The less clicks the more sales. Simple.

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