5 Types of Landing Pages that will Attract Visitors like Mosquitoes to a Flame

EDM landing page

It’s more effective to direct users that open your company’s EDMs to a landing page that isn’t the homepage. Instead, direct them to a page that elaborates further on the EDM’s content. For example, if your business’s EDM is talking about a limited discount they just can’t miss out on, the landing page may include the hard sale, any fine print, a call to action and a sign up form. EDMs focussed on one key objective that direct the user to a homepage, or another page not directly linked to the topic, will only confuse the agenda.

You’ve probably heard marketing professionals harping on about it before but we’ll say it again: the more clicks it takes to complete a desired action, the less likely it is that it will occur. Our pro tip on EDM landing pages? Go in for the hard sale after you’ve gained the user’s trust. What’s the best way to do this? Nurture the user with informative content in the form of reports, eBooks and so forth, then make your move (i.e. coaxing the user for their contact information).

Thank you landing page

The thank you landing page says to the user: ‘Hey Gilbert, thanks for purchasing those gumboots – be sure to stop on by again soon.’ It’s polite, straightforward and welcomes more desired action in the future. It also opens up an opportunity for you to make suggestions on what other products they may be interested in based on their purchase. ‘Would you like to buy yourself a waterproof jacket to match those gum boots, Gilbert? They’re stylish, practical and durable.’
Not sure what your thank you landing page should entail? Why not check out our post Manners Matter? We’ll shed some light on what’s worked for us.

Sign up landing page

Getting users to sign up can be tricky, and there’s no sure way to guarantee it’ll work. A big part of it is trial and error, split testing and buttering up the customer. When we spoke earlier about EDM landing pages we mentioned ‘nurturing’, nurturing plays a huge role in coaxing any type of desired action from users, especially sign ups. Users are constantly bombarded by landing pages begging for them to sign up to newsletters/special offers /brochures/catalogues etc. So, as time has gone on, it has become harder and harder to stand out and project legitimacy. Our pro-tip on signup landing pages? Treat ‘em kindly, leave the hard sell at the door and instead try gathering information in segments – it’s less daunting.

Start here landing page

Sometimes users need a little hand getting to the checkout or completing other forms of desired action. A start here landing page can assist with this. Make sure your start here landing page is sharp and straight to the point, keep the less clicks philosophy in mind, always. The less clicks, the more conversions your landing page will facilitate.

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