5 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Social Media Monitoring

Social media has bridged a gap once felt by customers, providing an innovative way for consumers to now easily communicate with the brands that surround them. Whether it’s through comments, direct messages, tweets or pictures, there are endless ways that customers currently use social media to connect and communicate.

The influx of messages may be overwhelming, but it is vital to respond appropriately to your customers in order to maintain healthy relations. This is where social media monitoring comes in, with a number of worthwhile benefits in tow.

  1. Heighten Approachability

Many businesses claim that the customer is at the forefront of their interactions, but they may be portraying a different message through social media. People tend to turn to social media for customer care, which means you need to make it a priority in your avenue of communication.

Social media, amongst many other things, is built on immediacy. That being said, roughly 90% of social media messages to businesses are brushed aside.

Through social media monitoring, your brand can be more approachable and tailored towards customer accessibility. With an influx of messages, mentions and tags coming through your social channels daily, consistent monitoring will ensure that you provide the best customer experience to those reaching out to you. This can all have an effect on your sales funnel, helping you build a positive relationship with your customers.

  1. Engaging with Brand-Relevant Messages

Discovering more direct ways to connect with your customers is one of the many benefits of social media monitoring. Looking for brand-relevant messages will help you engage more thoroughly with your audience, helping you to directly answer your customers’ queries or concerns and therefore increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Through social media monitoring, you can find relevant comments (regardless of whether your brand is mentioned) by identifying related brand keywords. No matter if it is hashtags, mentions, messages or misspellings, monitoring will be able to help you identify and respond to any mention of your brand. It will also help you to analyse hashtag performance and understand the way that your audience uses keywords related to your brand on social platforms.

  1. Organised Marketing Campaigns and Tags

One of the best ways that social media monitoring can impact and enhance your brand’s reputation is by organising and running campaigns. Social media is always shifting, with new changes and trends regularly reshaping platforms.

Campaigns are a way for your brand to market a product or service through a clear and coordinated manner across various social platforms. They help a brand’s ability to measure, target and focus on the message, and synchronise the strategy with a brand’s overall goal (whether that be promoting sales, gaining followers, encouraging communication, etc.).

  1. Understanding what works (and what doesn’t)

This is where social media monitoring expands to monitoring other brands for your benefit. Understanding what your competitors are doing can be highly valuable when tailoring your own campaigns and social platforms.

Your competitors may be tapping into your target audience in the right (or wrong) way. Evaluating which posts work for them and which ones don’t can help you optimise your own social media to perform better.

Monitoring the way that people interact with your competitors will also help you tap into the different pain points that aren’t being addressed. Using this information to your brand’s advantage can help you get on top of an opportunity and sell a product/service of your own that meets the customer’s requirements.

These small insights can prove valuable to any brand and allow you to perfect your social media strategy.

  1. Win Back Customers

The last (and arguably most beneficial) reason that social media management can benefit your brand is to win back lost customers who may feel undervalued or disappointed by actions, products or services provided by your brand.

As touched on earlier, people tend to turn to social media platforms to voice their thoughts on various situations, both good and bad. Being on top of your social media means that you can find and intercept these types of complaints online, offer a peaceful resolution with your customer and make amends if any misjudgement or wrongdoing was done on your brand’s part.

Negative customer experiences should not be ignored on social media; a mistake that various brands are guilty of making.

To summarise…

With the right monitoring tools and techniques, you can boost your brand’s communication channels and engage with your customers in a more effective and beneficial manner. Understand your platform and use it your advantage.

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