5 Ways to Improve your Website’s User Experience

1. Minimise clicks with concise content and imagery

Be straight to the point and engaging. Don’t stuff your content with so much jargon that visitors don’t know what products you sell or what services you offer. Minimise the effort the user has to put in to access desired information; they’ve come to your website for quick, concise points about what you do. Similarly, your imagery should be relevant to your content and high quality to project an image of relevance and authority. As we’ve mentioned before, the less clicks the user has to make to access the information they require, the more likely they are to convert.

2. Maximise conversions with a quicker load time

One of the most frustrating issues for users is load time. People are constantly accessing the internet from various devices around the world, thus, our load time expectations have increased. Literally a wait of as little as two seconds during a visit leads to an 87% desertion rate. So, how can you rectify this? Google offers a free service that provides you information about your business website’s load time and avenues for improvement. Cheers Google.

3. Spur desired action with strategic call-to-actions

Users react well to visual cues. By creating strategic call-to-actions (CTAs), you’ll heighten your website’s chances of spurring desired action from visitors. When creating your website’s CTAs, think about your brand’s demographic and the influence certain styles, tones and colours will have on their actions as you construct them.

4. Inform and entice with strong titles

Include strong titles that both inform and entice users in order to spark interest without being too vague and causing confusion, e.g. ‘We can help you increase sales, leads, and brand growth’, this stimulates curiosity without compromising the user’s understanding.

5. Keep it consistent and cohesive

Lastly, keep it consistent. When a user explores your website and its various pages, it shouldn’t feel like they’re moving from one site to an entirely new one. The user’s journey should feel cohesive and natural to ensure their experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

By Nothing But Web

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