6 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone seems to be blogging in 2016, which is why it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. There may be millions of blogs out there and a blog tab on every business website around the world, but quality content is still few and far between. The right posts can expand your business, grow your audience and put your name on the map. Avoid these crucial mistakes if you want your blog to truly sell your brand.

1. Not knowing your audience.

One of the main reasons many bloggers try and fail to gain an audience and subsequent profit from their blog is a disconnection with their potential audience. The key is to create content that your audience values and enjoys – an impossible task if you don’t know who you’re speaking to. Do your market research and learn exactly who your target customer and audience are. Then write your blog posts with these people in mind.

2. Lack of routine.

It’s important to post content to your website and social media channels on a consistent schedule so that there’s a steady stream being published on a regular basis. This helps your audience get to know your business or brand and ensures that their interest is maintained. Try not to rush the process – fast, low quality content won’t get you anywhere, so prioritise quality over quantity.

3. Not spreading the word effectively.

You can create the most amazing content, but if no one reads it, what is the point? Make sure you spread the word to pull readers in. You can share content by contacting influencers who are in a similar industry, by using email marketing to promote blog posts and by sharing your content through your social media channels. Asking current, popular bloggers to write guest posts for your website is another great way to access a wider audience.

4. Not producing unique or engaging content.

As we mentioned before, there are so many bloggers out there today getting content out regularly, that it can be difficult to become visible online. Your content needs to be unique on some level, whether it’s more in-depth than other sources, approaches an issue from a totally different stance, or has a fun quality that competing bloggers lack. Make sure there’s something that sets your content apart from the rest, then promote, promote, promote!

By Nothing But Web

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