How to Get Your Best Logo in 2017

Stand out from the crowd and gain audience attention with a killer logo design. With the new year, it could be time to reimagine and rebrand your company, or personal brand. We have created some Do’s and Don’ts for logo design in 2017 that will help you through your journey.



Strong logos are straight to the point. If there is too much content within a logo it can become confusing as to what you are selling, or even confuse the brand name. Keep it simple, yet creative and classic. Find one highlight amongst your logo, and run with that at the forefront of the design.

Innovative Fonts

Fonts can tell a unique story with your brand and logo. Depending on the type of font used, you could create a story through your fonts. Some carry bold stylistic choices, whilst others are quirky and imaginative. Creating a visually attractive logo is key to gaining a great first impression from your audience, and typography will be looked upon highly in 2017.

Audience Research

A piece that shouldn’t go unnoticed with logo designs is the audience. Even when creating an initial logo, you need to be able to identify your given audience and what may be appealing to them. For instance, younger audiences might want some sleek and sophisticated designs, whilst older audiences may need more clear designs used. Take the time to define your audience, and the interests and designs that may appeal to them.

Work to different platforms

Logos should be versatile in nature. They should look good no matter what the platform and work to correct sizing throughout. There is nothing worse than creating a full logo look to have it cut off due to size limitations over different websites. Not only this, but you need to think of the bigger picture of promotion. Your logo should work in different colours like greyscale, and look good on any merchandise or products. Ensure that you create a versatile and smart logo.


Overdo it

A strong logo has one main feature, with a clear message behind it. When creating your logo, do not try to add so many elements that the focus is not lost amongst pointless additions. Ensure that you sketch out your logo and do not over complicate things.

Constantly release new logos

Be consistent in your logo designs if you’re looking to recreate your branding. It would do no justice to your company or brand if it looks like you are undecided about the way you want to market yourself. Try to limit the amount of times you’re changing your logo. Be certain in each design you release, and ensure it carries across elements from the last logo.


Sure, a lot of logos out in the market contain similar design elements. This is because there are known design options that work to deliver messages clearly and are a ‘safe option’ for companies. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will stand out from the crowd. In fact, it could be the exact opposite. Ensure that you are unique and edgy with your logo, and create a memorable design with a point of difference.

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