Digital marketing might start with a strategy, but its success relies on adaptability

The first step in any activity, to ensure you know what you’re doing, is to make a plan; to set up a strategy. This strategy will help to ensure that companies will be able to advance from point A to point B without many problems. If a problem does occur, the plan will help to keep them on the right path.

However, marketing is slowly changing and having a plan isn’t always enough. Sometimes, companies will want a certain result, but later find that something means that result needs to change. The ability to run online campaigns means that marketers are now able to reach a huge number of people; some of which they may not realise are prospective customers.

By being adaptable and able to change their marketing strategies, companies are able to personalise their brands and more effectively reach customers. Instead of only being able to mass-target customers, they can focus on smaller groups and the changes which take place inside of them. Adaptability is one of the most important challenges facing upcoming marketers. As more and more people start to interact with businesses through online avenues, here are three ways which companies can ensure mean they are adaptable enough.

Web Design which is Responsive

Responsive web design is the first cornerstone of any online marketing campaign. Making sure that online resources can be used on a varied number of devices (laptop, mobiles, etc) is important to ensuring the biggest customer reach.

Adapt your Content

This one is a given. Adapting content so it keeps up with the changing attitudes of customers is integral. Even if a business is not running an e-commerce website, it is important for their customers to be able to identify with them. If customers are not identifying with a brand, they are likely to find another one.

Analyse the data

A recent survey in the UK found that 75% of consumers who have an existing relationship with a company will share their personal information with it, whilst 62% would share personal information with a company selling products or services which they want. This means that it is possible to collect a lot of data as long as companies have fostered enough of a relationship with clients. Marketers need to make sure they don’t miss the boat on this one as it is likely one of the most important factors in digital marketing today.

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