Don’t Know Where to Start with Your Blog Content?

Many businesses seem to think they don’t have any content that’s worth blogging about, or they don’t quite know where to start when it comes to sourcing interesting information for their posts.

The fact is, businesses of all kinds can easily create a blog and reap the benefits. A blog that’s updated on the regular can help drive traffic to your website. Every time you update your blog, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which increases your website’s chances of appearing in search engine results pages.

A blog will also assist in converting this traffic into leads, particularly if you end your post with an engaging call to action that encourages potential customers to get in touch and enquire about your services.

And blogs are also particularly effective at establishing your authority and thought leadership on the industry in which you work. When you produce content that answers your customers’ questions, you’ll be viewed as a trustworthy source, which means customers will keep coming back to your website to read what you have to say.

So now that we’ve convinced you of the long-term benefits of setting up a blog, we’ll share with you some pointers on creating content and maximising its reach. Watch this video and read the tips below from Nothing But Web’s Alastair Coleman.

You don’t have to search for your content – it’s already there

Your business’s social media communities will provide you with a plethora of information and images that are perfect for adapting into blog posts. Content that’s related to community work, company developments, or employee activities make for informative blog posts that show your customers you’re not just about making sales.

Expand the story

Mention people, locations and the types of services you provide. Social media is great for sharing short snippets, whereas a blog post lets you tell a bigger story. If a particular event you were involved in was for charity, write in your blog why the cause is important to your business and why you chose to get involved.


When it comes to sharing your blog post on social media, mention and tag the people and/or businesses who were also involved, or who have a relationship with the topic. The other parties you mention can then share your content with their communities, which will generate more shares and likes of your content. Win-win.

Link back to your website

It’s crucial that when you share your blog content, you link it back to your website. Your website is where you conduct all of your business transactions and where you generate your leads, so always ensure to place your unique content there.
Ultimately, there are no set rules for what to include in a blog – that’s the beauty of it. So have fun, post often, and watch your traffic grow.

By Nothing But Web

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