Free Design Resources for Professionals and Beginners

Today we’re going to look at three of our favourite free web design tools. That tongue twister was unintentional, however, we’re going to run with it. From subtle patterns for your images to inspiration to boot, these three resources have helped many of us find our way out of design binds and break through the dreaded designers block (it’s a thing). Easy to navigate and use, these tools have proved themselves valuable for both seasoned designers and beginners, alike.

1. The first resource we’re going to look at is, subtle patterns. As far as headings go, what you read is what you get, however, the man behind the website’s motivations are admirable, and we think deserve a mention. Inspired by ‘the atmosphere of giving’ between designers within the online space, founder Atle Mo wanted to do something to give back to the community who had been so generous to him. With experience within the web design field that spans across 12 years, Atle decided to package his gratitude as a platform that spotlights free and high quality patterns for all to use. Well worth the bookmark, you can find the site here.

2. Secondly, we’re going to look at The Noun Project. The Noun Project is an online community of designers sharing, exchanging and showcasing their work for others to browse and use. With 150,000 icons and counting contributed by designers the world over, The Noun Project’s ethos is to expand the world’s visual language, and their doing a damn fine job of it so far. Hit that corner star now.

3. Finally, we’re going to look a website that has help spawn many light bulb moments, and inspired designers everywhere during coffee-fuelled late nights, and the idle hours of a Saturday or Sunday morning, alike. This mystical designer block fighting entity comes in strong in the form of website called, Awwwards. Awwwards recognises the talent of the best and brightest designers from around the world, cultivating an online space where designers can come to be impressed and inspired. A place where they can share their work, their knowledge and their experience. A place to find encouragement, feedback, and above all else, a reason to keep pushing design to new heights.

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