Gmail’s 1 Billion Plus Per Month

Does it seem that most people you know have a Gmail account these days? There is a good reason for that. In late January 2016, Googles CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced to the world’s investors and media that the parent company, Alphabet, and Gmail had hit over 1 billion active users worldwide per month on mobile devices. That is 100 million more than they had recorded in May 2015.

Launched in 2004, Gmail was initially an in-demand, invite-only product which was remained in Beta through till 2009. It offered a fast load, in-email search that managed inbox overload and clutter and rapid rose to outshine its immediate competitors, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. The design and format caused an evolution in email use and, by 2012, had grown to have 425 million active global users.

As improvements were developed, the email experience grew with it, offering better filters, spam identification, marketing and promotions. It continued to maintain a highly efficient personal and business platform. This offers elegance by embracing Material Design, a ‘brand’ introduced in 2014 aimed at designers and developers who apply best practice with visual, interaction, and motion design.

That same year, Google launched the email client Inbox by Gmail. This was geared so the user had “Inbox Zero”, making things much easier to file and keep on top of emails. Smart Reply has also been recently introduced giving the user an easy, automatically generated response with suggested messages. This feature is currently being used by 10 percent of all responses, which could suggest that the carefully thought-out response you got from your best buddie was actually a computer generated message. This says quite a statement for human interaction!

Google’s email product now stands shoulder-to-shoulder in the 1-billion-dollar club, next to Google Search, Chrome, Android, YouTube, Maps, and Google Play. This has made Alphabet an extraordinary $4.9 billion on its $21.3 billion revenue over the last quarter and $23.4 billion on revenue of $74.5 billion in 2015. Pichai hinted that the rapid growth in the mobile market had heavily contributed to Gmails glowing figures.

This seems to have been a trend for many tech companies, including Facebook, who boasted that Whatsapp had crossed over the 1 billon monthly user mark and many of its other products – Instagram video and Messenger – were heading fast in the same direction. Facebook currently has 1.59 billion monthly active users.

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