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It’s a couple of months out from Christmas, and already we’re overcome with nervous excitement thinking about what website trends are set to take charge of the digital landscape in 2016. In today’s post, we’re going to put a spotlight on the design elements that have everyone talking in ‘15 and those that are rumoured to gain popularity as we bring in the New Year. From responsive design to typography, storytelling to interaction, brand’s that capitalise successfully on the latest trends are sure to thrive in world’s biggest marketplace: the World Wide Web.

Balancing Drama and Readability

As I type this post, it feels only appropriate that we start with typography. Typography has evolved tremendously over last couple of decades. Always a key element to any website, this year has been no different. So, what can we expect for typography in ‘16? The answer: drama. Dramatic typography is going to play an integral role in helping your brand’s website stand out amongst competitors in 2016.

First and foremost, the effectiveness of your website typography should be measured by legibility and readability. However, when you spotlight a particular word, sentence, or phrase this provides an opportunity for creativity. For example, a call to action, page heading, or subheading provides designers with a chance to harness the power a strong typography to draw the user in and highlight the importance of that particular text.

A misconception is that dramatic text cannot be simple and this, simply, isn’t the case (see what we did there?). In reality, some of the most effective typography requires designers to get back to basics. We could go on and on about typography, best believe we have, but the most important thing for brand’s to take away from this is that your website typography is a balancing game. Your website’s typography should be a balance between creativity and its intended use: to be read.

All that Glitters is Not Gold

You simply can’t communicate everything through dot points and flashy animations. Brands that splurge on design and neglect content and storytelling may hook users initially, however, it won’t take visitors long to realise all that glitters is not gold. So, how can your brand optimise storytelling efforts to ensure that your visitors continue to return and your site’s audience continues to grow? If you haven’t already consulted a talented content marketing expert, there’s no time like the present.

Additionally, a site’s story can be heightened by providing the user with opportunities to engage and interact with the site, hence, becoming a part of the story in the process. Quality content and user engagement go hand in hand, have one without the other and your site shall surely suffer. Provide a well thought out, relatable brand story accompanied by interactive video, animation, polls, surveys, and a brand blog, and your website will not only hook users but reel them in, too. Take note people, in 2016 the importance of user engagement is set to rise.

Not just Beneficial, but Essential

Surely by now you have heard people banging on about mobile responsiveness, about how it is looked on favourably by search engines, and about how more traffic comes from mobile than any other device, including desktop? Yes? We thought so. So, if you’re amongst the few brands not already jumping on the mobile bandwagon, why not? It’s no longer just beneficial, it’s essential.

Users are more likely to make a purchase from a website that is mobile-friendly than one that isn’t. Basically, if your brand’s site is not mobile compatible, it’s losing you money. Simple. We should also mention that those rumours about search engines, like Google, looking at mobile-friendly sites favourably are both correct and down played. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but websites that are not responsive are now being penalised – just a tiny, small, little bit more swayed in the direction of mobile now? Good, you should be.

So, now that we’ve successfully deployed our first knowledge bomb on you, informative blog post, whatever you want to call it, if you have any unanswered questions our friendly team would be more than happy to address your query on 1300 847 908 – let’s chat.

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