How to Stay Positive (and Productive) on a Friday

We’re only human, so it’s only natural to feel a little tired at the end of a five-day work week. But Friday doesn’t have to be a complete write-off. We’ve suggested a few techniques below that can help you make the most of the last day of the work week so you can end it on a positive (and productive) note.  

Finally get to those administrative tasks

You know those pesky tasks that pop up throughout the week, the ones that you keep moving to the bottom of your to-do list? Well Friday is the time to do them. Not only are these easier to tackle on a Friday afternoon, but it’ll lighten your load during the week. If you’re strict with yourself and ensure you always add these kinds of tasks to Friday’s list, you’ll find yourself becoming far more efficient.

Make the most of the morning

It’s widely known that most of us are more productive in the morning. If this is the case for you, then use the earlier hours of the day to your advantage and tackle your more complex tasks first. If you can possibly stomach the thought, try coming into work a little earlier than usual, and resist the temptation to check your emails first thing. Too often, our emails serve as a distraction, which mean we might only get stuck into our work in the afternoon.

Friday is also known to be the worst day to email people (if you’re hoping to get a response). To overcome this, draft your emails today and schedule them to be sent out early next week when people are much more responsive. This way you’re still being productive and saving yourself time in next week’s schedule.

It’s ok to say no sometimes

Saying no can be one of the hardest things to do. We don’t want to feel like we’re letting others down, or we worry that our response might change the way our colleagues see us. And when we know it’s time to say no, it’s something that we tend to delay. However, Friday is the best day to bite the bullet. You’ll feel good that you’re asserting yourself and you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted.

Plan for next week on Friday

Planning for next week is far more effective than planning the week while you’re in it. Use Friday to make plans for next week, and then when you come in on Monday, you can schedule your time accordingly.
While you’re planning for the week ahead, reflect back on how you tackled your tasks this week. What worked and what didn’t work? Because your successes (or failures) are fresh in your mind, it’ll be easier for you to make plans according to the strengths and weaknesses of you and your team.

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