How to Use all the Tools in Your Marketing Arsenal for the Greatest Success

Online marketing is a multi-faceted platform which requires all of the tools to be at your disposal, in order to achieve the best results. Whilst any one of these tools on their own are still influential and engaging, using them in conjunction with each other can offer a powerful approach, allowing each to complement their individual strengths.

Mediums such as website content, social media, blogs, web design and SEO all have the similar objective of being engaging, but go about doing so in different ways. To be truly successful, a multi-pronged approach will ensure a comprehensive marketing formula that will yield the most successful results for your business.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Whilst this notion is a little cliché, it is no less true when it comes to online marketing. Focusing solely on one aspect will ensure improvements in that area, weaknesses and gaps in the target audience will still emerge in others. Focusing on each marketing component equally will ensure these gaps are covered and that your strengths are honed to a focused point.

Consider social media, for example. Whilst this media platform allows for greater engagement and interaction with audiences, this saturation can be wasted if not backed up by a strong webpage. As you drive traffic to your site, you want a page that is easy to navigate and enriched with useful and high quality content. If potential customers visit a page and find the content unengaging or hard to read, whilst being chocked full of useless external links, they are more likely to search elsewhere.

Be rewarded for being informative – search engines offer positive reinforcement

Much like the gold star system school, quality content and well-designed webpages don’t go overlooked and the ever vigilant search engines now reward such strengths with a higher ranking. This is where the rise of the blog has become instrumental in reshaping the marketing landscape. They offer businesses the opportunity to flaunt their expertise by flexing their collective wealth of knowledge. Consumers want to be assured that a business knows what’s its talking about, at least a little bit, and that they are in a position to offer them their expertise.

Google’s more than just a pretty face

Simply put, search engines are clever. With their constantly improving algorithms and search parameters, ranking highly is more than just simply slipping in a bunch of keywords. Google has become a juggernaut amongst search engines for a reason, as it looks at the overall picture for each website. A strong webpage packed with informative content and blog posts that support this authority will be rewarded much more than any single one of these elements on their own.

Quality is the bottom line

Engage your audience on every level and build a pool of loyal customers. If a person is presented with something that offers them value, they will look further to find out more and connect with your brand for future interactions.

It all starts with quality.

by Matthew Duigan | Nothing But Web content team member

By Nothing But Web

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