Keep them Coming Back: Simple Steps to Ensure Repeat Visits

Great websites have one thing in common: they provide a simple, useful user experience that gets their audience hooked. Put simply, a great website will keep users coming back for more. But the definition of a good site is elusive; how can we ensure we’ve cracked the magic formula to get our users interested?
Repeat traffic and customer loyalty can be the cornerstone of your business, so it’s worth your while integrating some of the following into your site.

User experience

What’s the first thing you notice about a website, the first time you click on to it? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be blown away by the impressive design. A beautiful website will get users clicking around – and will make sure they have the positive experience that will get them wanting even more.

But great UX is about more than just the aesthetics. Taking care to develop an intuitive website that’s easy to get around is what matters – it’s all in the finer details.

To start, think about the number one thing you want your audience to do: Purchase shoes? Book their dental check-up online? Call your mobile to schedule a dishwasher repair? Make it easier for them to do this by providing a clear series of steps.

Drip marketing campaigns

A simple email subscription form on your homepage can unlock many features that keep your brand front-of-mind, even after your user has left your URL. From a weekly round-up of your favourite blog posts, a monthly video that can only be accessed by subscribers, or exclusive discount codes, the ideas are nearly endless. Of course, each email will be rich with links pointing back to your site.

One of the most exciting things to hit email inboxes is drip email campaigns. Once a customer enters their email on your homepage, they’ll be sent a series of pre-set messages at set time intervals.

You could use this feature to set a challenge for your users, to send them a recipe each day, or to automate your sales funnel. For example, send them a welcome email when they sign up, an information packet a couple of days later, and a follow-up email after that, inviting them to ask questions.

Ensure they receive exactly the right message, when you want them to receive it.

Engaging content

One of the biggest reasons a customer will come back to your site is for your scintillating content. And no, we don’t mean the about page copy – although that has to be sharp, too. We’re talking about the blog posts that you’ll update on a regular basis.
Think outside the box. If you’re a house painter, don’t just write about paint – also cover interior design trends, furniture and other DIY tips and tricks. If you sell office furniture, write about productivity strategies. It’s all part of what makes your target market click back to your site.

And, establishing yourself as a trustworthy leader in the field is a sure-fire way to calm their nerves before purchase, and alleviate some of the anxiety they may feel at parting with their hard-earned money.

By Nothing But Web

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