Manners Matter: Capitalise on your Thank You Page

Your visitor transitioned from a prospect into a sale and all you have to offer is little more than ‘cheers mate, be sure to stop by again’ – for shame. One of the most frequently overlooked ways of optimising your website’s ROI is to invest in a strong thank you page. So, what does a strong thank you page encompass? Firstly, it’s important that you understand the difference between a thank you page and a thank you message, and that’s exactly where we’ll start.

We personally think that a thank you message often comes across as an afterthought, whereas a thank you page says to customers we appreciate your business and would love to see you return. A page conveys genuine gratitude for those who have completed a desirable action, thus, making it more likely they’ll repeat the action again. Additionally, you can heighten the effectiveness of your thank you page by incorporating some type of user reward and a sharing option. By allowing visitors the option to share the completed purchase on their social platforms, you’ll open your business up to a wider reach.


When a user shares a purchase they have made it says to their online friends ‘I made a purchase or had a service completed by ****. I was over the moon with what I received, and think you should check them out too.’ And trust us, if they are truly happy with their purchase they will share. These options aren’t available when offer a lacklustre thank you message, thus, the more efficient solution is to add a thank you page instead. Furthermore, providing a discount exclusively to those who have completed a purchase encourages them to make an additional purchase at later date in order to take advantage of that deal.

We also found that including social media on thank you page as well as a prompt for engagement via these platforms is highly effective e.g. ‘thank you for choosing to purchase ****, remember to share your product images on Instagram and tag us!’. We’re living in the digital world and the popularity of social media is only growing – capitalise on it.

Another element that websites have incorporated into their thank you page that has been successful for conversion, and ultimately ROI, is encouraging users to provide feedback. Encouraging visitors to provide feedback on their costumer experience following a completed action provides your business with invaluable insights into what worked and, ultimately, lead to the completed action, and makes the customer feel their opinion is valued. A slightly different approach that has also proven popular is displaying testimonials and offering users the option to leave one of their own.

Finally, you can add as much glitter as you like but if the thank you page or over all site isn’t visually stimulating or functional, the chances that your visitors will even make to the thank you page are minimal.

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