Prominent website optimisation strategies we’re seeing so far

Page ranking by Google is like oxygen for the human body, for any website and particularly so, when you have a monetisation plan built into the website. Google is out there, looking even more closely at what goes into your website and the value it provides to the visitors landing on your website. There are many steps that can help you make 2016 really prosperous for your business and we have listed below some of the top picks below.


The amount of effort that goes into keyword research and optimising your web pages onsite and offsite is crucial to your business. Intelligent use of keywords within the pages is what Google looks for and this needs to be achieved through low keyword density rather than keyword stuffing.

Study your competition

Competition is always healthy to take your business forward. A huge advantage that competition offers is the motivation to rub shoulders, or even overtake, your nearest rival. Studying your competition and introducing new features into your website can work to the advantage of your audience and lead to more conversions.

Profiling target audience

Profiling your target audience with information like their demographic, profession, lifestyle, age etc. is a great way to understand their expectations, varying needs and tastes.

Analysing website statistics

Analysing your website will help you understand the geographic profile of visitors, time spent by each visitor on the website, the number of unique visitors, conversion rate, action taken by visitors on the site and more. Google Analytics is a great way to start the exercise and you can gather other resources down the line.

Recognising your assets

It is essential that you have control of your most important assets. These would generally include most shared/viewed content, pages with high traffic, unique users etc. A major advantage from this exercise is that whenever you choose to restructure your website, your most valuable assets remain safe and can be ported to the new site.


Many people tend to spend plenty of time on the design aspects of the websites before considering the points mentioned above. A good website design should support the above factors and importantly be easily accessible on a wide range of handheld devices. The best design should professionally represent your brand and guide users to the right spots coaxing them into interacting with your business.

Content quality

Google is now paying great attention to the quality of content provided your website pages. Quality content will also aid longer time by visitors on the pages. Paying attention to providing error-free and useful content, therefore, is of greatest importance to the success of your business.

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