The Faux Pas Holding your Website Back

In today’s post we’ll be looking at website faux pas that are hurting your business’s online performance. Whether a confusing navigation has visitors scratching their heads or a M.I.A search bar has them asking “Where the bleep is it?!”, these small gaffs can have a huge influence on your website’s conversion rate.

We hate to say we told you so…

We’re not going to pretend we haven’t preached the importance of intuitive website navigation before. No, we’re well aware we’ve beat this drum on a number of occasions, and so, you can understand we have some frustration. However, online businesses are still making this simple mistake, and ultimately, leading their visitors to close that tab and complete the purchase elsewhere, often from a direct competitor’s website. Well, don’t stress. Although, we are getting sick of saying “We told you so!”, we’re here to help.

Think like a visitor

We’re living in the digital age, and so, you’ve most likely shopped online. In fact, some of you have probably done it in the last week. Think back… what about the purchase was easy? What about it was hard? Did you find it easy to access the information you desired? And how was the overall experience you had completing the purchase? These are all tough questions, but they’re the ones you have to ask in order to get into the heads of your visitors.

Use the resources at your disposal!

Additionally, for more information that’ll help you construct a navigation for your visitors that is in tune with their needs, refer to the analytics gathered from the back end of your site, or conduct a competitor analysis. Why not both? There is plenty of resources at your disposal to help you achieve a navigation that promotes desired action, by extension, brand growth, leads and sales – use them!

Where the bleep is it..?!

Even when you think you’ve got your navigation on point sometimes visitors simply won’t be able to find what it is they’re looking for. Your search box is your safety net in these situations and if it’s M.I.A too, you’re in trouble. For a quick solution to this dilemma, add Google’s Custom Search to your website’s homepage, and make sure your visitors can find what they’re looking for.

Hotdogs or hosiery?

Some websites just don’t seem to be able to manage aesthetic and functionality and this can hugely detrimental. We understand the need to stand out within the ever changing digital landscape, however, if you’ve gone so far with your concept that you’ve lost your brand message, it’s time to pull the breaks. We’ve said it once we’ll say it again; all that glimmers is not gold. Yes, constructing a website that wows visitors with its design is important, if users can’t tell whether you sell hotdogs or hosiery, what good is it going to do?

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