The Newest Edition to WordPress: Evans 4.8

Named after jazz composer William John Evans, WordPress Version 4.8 is freshly available for users to take control of. This new edition has said to expand the way that users are able to express themselves and create a more detailed form of brand representation.

There are a number of new features for you to discover and implement across your WordPress pages, including…

New Widget Updates

There have been expansions made to the widgets available on WordPress, and these go into all forms of media within the site.

Image Widget

Forget coding! You are able to now add an image to widgets without them. This new update will allow you to insert images simply into your widget setting.

Video Widget

Create a new and engaging element to your sidebar by including video widgets within it. With this new update, you are able to have video representation from the Media Library easily viewable by visitors. Whether you use this as an introductory to your WordPress site, or as an announcement widget, the opportunities are endless.

Audio Widget

Changing the landscape for musicians and podcasters, audio widgets have now been made easy. By including audio widgets on your website straight from your Media Library, you may be able to discover new ways to convey your message and create an easy listening for your visitors.

Text Widget

Text widgets just got a whole lot richer. Now included within your widgets is the ability to easily edit your rich-texts at anytime, anywhere. This ability to easily format your written widgets through this version will allow you to save time by adding links, creating lists and adding more to your widgets whenever you desire.

Get Involved with WordPress Offline

Bringing people that love WordPress together, Evans brings about a way to connect offline through events in the area. Meet those who use this thriving platform in over 400 cities worldwide, and trade information about the skills you use, meet creators, and gain information about the platform and the industry you tap into.

Localised specifically to you, this is one of the best inclusions in a Version update that we have seen. By harnessing this new feature, you can be at a local WordPress meetup in no time, and expand your community with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet.

Link Boundaries

This new update changes the link boundaries, allowing users to easily update hyperlinks within text, or the text leading to the hyperlink, easily. Nothing will get in the way when it comes to updating your content with this updated version of WordPress.

With 346 contributors and available in 38 different languages currently, WordPress Evans 4.8 is bringing the community together and allowing users to engage both online and off in new and improved ways. Get on today, and see for yourself!

By Nothing But Web

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