Tips & Tricks for this Christmas

As we prepare to enter one of the busiest times of year, one question remains unanswered. How can you ensure your business thrives within the online space this festive season? For the more seasoned business owners amongst our readers, we’re sure this isn’t your first trip to the rodeo, and you probably have a pretty good idea of what it takes to stay afloat during the holiday rush. Some of these avenues include looking at your company’s year-on-year (YOY) performance to identify what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, competitor analysis, website functionality and Christmas aesthetic, amongst various other factors. For those who are about to experience their first Christmas as an online business owner and those looking to improve on their existing efforts, this post will explore these avenues in more detail—providing readers with handy tips and tricks for achieving online success this Christmas.

This Christmas, it’s game time

As we prepare to reign in this year’s festive season, and shortly thereafter the New Year, business owners will be gearing up for an opportunity for reflection. Did your business meet, exceed, or fall just short of your objectives this year? Did you fall short of the previous year’s performance? And if your business doesn’t appear on track to the year you’d hoped for, is there still time to make up for loses and bring it home? If you answered yes, it’s game time. Break out the data and statistics you’ve been collating all year, as well as previous years if applicable, and use it to your advantage – that’s what it’s there for. Utilise the behaviour statistics to construct a strategic Christmas campaign that fuels desired action, and that’ll help you push business objectives over the line come year’s end.

Drive success with the digital space

Isolate who your business’s key competitors are this Christmas. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What strategies can you identify they use? Think like a potential customer; do you deem these strategies successful? If so, how do they measure up to your business’s strategies? Furthermore, how does your website measure up with competitors overall? Is their site faster and do they require less clicks to access vital information, and ultimately, achieve desired action? A thorough competitor analysis will assist you to answer the tough questions. It’ll assist you to identify where your website, and overall business, sits against competitors and where it requires improvement in order to compete with rivals companies, thus, driving success with the digital space.

Your visitors will lap up your online decorations

Once you have identified where you’re online business requires improvements, the next step is to look more closely at the functionality and aesthetic of your digital storefront. Do you need to minimise the clicks required for visitors to access all that they require? In that case, how can you action this? How can you make vital information easily accessible and desired action simpler to make? Does your load time leave little to be desired? Is your website mobile-responsive? This are to essential elements that will play a vital part in ensuring your business thrives this Christmas, and will set the tone for the New Year. Additionally, harness the spend-happy nature that accompanies the festive season by customising your website with ‘Christmas touches’. Though you may view Christmas decorations trivial, online or otherwise, your site’s visitors will lap it up we assure you.

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