Top Trends For E-Commerce in 2017

There were boundless advancements in E-Commerce last year, and there is no limitations to the growth that will be made in 2017. With advancements being made every day, technology being updated and consumers engaging in ways they never have before. We have put together a list of trends that will be seen in 2017 as we continue to grow the meaning and avenues that encompass E-Commerce.

1. Let’s talk Robots

Or should we say, let’s talk to robots. This year we will see a rise in artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. There will be a rise of digital assistants, such as Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft), amongst others. This will increase the way in which we engage with e-commerce, putting a voice behind a previously ‘silent’ platform.

Companies will learn what their customers find important, and be able to market it to them from their websites or search engines.

2. Faster Payments and Shipping

In 2017, there will be an increase in the ways that customers can pay for services and products. There will be a rise in card less and cashless payments with apps being developed daily for larger companies to receive payments over. Everybody wants their purchases as soon as they order it, which is why there will also be an improved method of shipping items this year. Shops will look to get products to customers in the shortest time frame possible in order to stay above others in the market.

3. Mobile Focussed

We have discussed this before, but the focus on mobile friendly websites is at its height this year. Everyone is accessing information straight to their mobile devices these days, overtaking the original desktop computer. This year there will be a rise of mobile friendly, or even specifically focused, mobile sites. Putting your site amongst the ones that are changing towards mobile-friendly viewing may be key to staying relevant in 2017.

4. Customised Ads

With all the clicks that people to daily, it is no wonder that there is information being stored and used marketed straight back to us. Using this data, it will become evident that ads, content, and products shown to you over web pages and social networks will be tailored to your specific interests. This could be anything from personalised deals being shown, to full blogs and suggestions of brands to buy from. The e-commerce world in 2017 will change with this personalisation of selling.

By Nothing But Web

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