Top Trends For Joomla in 2017

Downloaded over 78 million times, Joomla is a popular content management site that users across the world are harnessing. Enabling professionals to further develop their websites, this powerful, platform is used by developers globally. It is an easy way in which to develop this content, and it constantly changing in order to adapt to the growing needs surrounding the market. This has caused a range of trends to emerge to benefit their consumers, and we will be explaining the top 3 below.

1. The use of HTML5

HTML5 can be seen as the latest evolution that has grown from the well-known HTML. With people accessing content and information through their mobile/ smart devices, this is a specific upgrade of HTML is designed specifically for these users. HTML5 is a way for business websites to be accessible on a range of platforms, allowing users everywhere to access your content no matter what the device. This updated method of HTML contains newer elements, technology and attributes that ensure that your product and services are available, and allows for diverse use of the Web to be harnessed.

2. Flat Layout Popularity

The popularity of minimalistic yet eye-catching formats that promote stylistic elements are going to be one of the top trends this year. These designs, called Flat Layouts, refer to a web layout style that offers smooth and striking developments that are more interesting in appearance than general web pages. These can come with the illusion of three dimensions, using high quality photos, shading, gradients and textures to create this. With a focus on minimalism, there are simple yet effective elements added such as typography and clean cut colours. You are able to create this eyecatching layout through Joomla Web development pages

3. Responsive Layouts for Mobile Use

People worldwide enjoy the ability to connect no matter where they are. This has been seen through the growing use of mobile devices as a preferred medium for connection, with 51.26% of the market now using it as their favoured option. In 2017, more webpages will be optimised primarily for mobile usage, making it easier for consumers to access information, purchase products or services through their mobile devices. These mobile responsive websites will exceed those without this responsiveness in 2017.

These are just some of the trends that will emerge in 2017 through Joomla uses. As technology and content demands grow and develop further, there will be more advancements made in order to remain the second most used content management site worldwide, next to WordPress.

With 11 years in the industry, Joomla has impressive developmental elements for website designs, and with heavy emphasis on personal design and creative elements it is preferred amongst designers and web developers worldwide.

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