Web Design Trends to Take Over In 2016

It’s 2016, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Nothing could be truer for the field of web design, which is constantly seeking out new ways to improve user experience and create sleek designs that draw in customers.

If you’re seeking some design tips and are feeling a little low in inspiration, check out our carefully collated list of the biggest design trends for the New Year.

Ghosting it

Transparent buttons with some simple text inside are big this year. They draw users in and don’t detract from the content that’s placed on the webpage. There’s nothing worse than distracting elements on a website that make you feel like you don’t quite know where to start. The ghost button solves this problem in a stylish way.

Split vertical screens

Horizontal is so 2015. It’s all about the vertical split screen to give the user some choice as to which direction they’d like to go when landing on the website.

Forget about the fold

Closely related to the previous element is the fold. You can forget about it in 2016. Many websites have been placing their landing page form under the fold, which is the part of a webpage that’s visible after scrolling.  Why not give all your landing page elements equal weighting and place the form on the side?

Fun, directional scrolling

Up and down, left to right – it’s all about innovative scrolling to revamp your website and keep your customers engaged. Directional scrolling (as opposed to click navigation through to different pages) is fast gaining popularity, and it can be made fun too – just like this example here from Nasa Prospect: http://nasaprospect.com/.

Get with the GIFs

GIFs are taking over from still, lifeless screenshots. Animated GIFs are so important for demonstrating to your customers how your product works in a few short seconds. They’re also fast replacing videos because they’re so compact and don’t have the loading issues that videos do.

Create an immersive experience

Immerse your website’s visitors in images, audio clips, videos and polls to involve them in the story of your brand. Interactive storytelling also takes your customers on a journey and introduces an element of fun to the page. 

Be mobile

The importance of being mobile-friendly in 2016 cannot be overstated. More people than ever are browsing the web from their mobile device, and studies have found that a third of web browsers will abandon their transaction if the website’s shopping cart isn’t mobile-optimised. So, get with the times if you wanna get the sales. A mobile site needs to be responsive and fit to the changing screen sizes of the tablets and smart phones we are increasingly using. Mobile-friendly also means less pages, and you can have a go at innovative scrolling too.

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By Nothing But Web

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