What To Expect From WordPress in 2017

WordPress has had a world of success since its inception 14 years ago, and with this exceptional growth the company has seen 58.7% of all websites using the site. It has adapted and changed to the growing demands of the social world and with advancements being made daily in the industry, there are always new trends that will surface. 2017 is no exception to this with a range of trends emerging. We’ll be exposing the trends that will be expected in 2017, and hopefully will give you a head start to optimise your use of the popular site.

1. Mobile use taking precedence

With 51.26% of the market now using mobile devices as the preferred medium, there is an obvious need to cater to users. This will be a major trend seen in 2017, with WordPress sites being optimized primarily for mobile usage. Dubbed ‘mobile-first sites’, there will be a change in themes, designs and functionality to create an easily accessible platform appropriate for the trend that is here to stay.

2. HTTP to HTTPS movement

With the growth of internet use, there has been an increased awareness of safety online. In its beginning, there were HTTP websites used which are unencrypted in its creation. This means that potentially anyone can intercept the information being relayed on http platforms. To combat this, there has been an introduction of Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which provides and encrypted form of transmission between platforms, now expanded to HTTPS. This ensures that any personal information is kept safe from outside watchers. Google announced in 2004 that HTTPS is a highly looked upon factor in their search engine results. WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg also confirmed that sites offering SSL are going to be promoted by WordPress web development moving forward.

3. Video Headings

This is not a new concept, but increased use of video headings has been widely seen due to the popular Twenty Seventeen theme offered by WordPress. Short and high quality videos are being a rise of interest point on the internet, and with the use of heading you can capture an audience easily. It will have an increased importance surrounding the popularity and performance of videos and in the future it will hopefully be expanded in order to move into optimised WordPress themes. The Twenty Seventeen theme is free making it simple to add this to your WordPress today.

4. Virtual Reality adaptation

The newest and hottest advancement in the technology world is the addition fo Virtual Reality as a form of engagement. Although it is closely tied with gaming, VR is expanding into workplaces. Architects are able to walk people virtually through their designs, and companies are able to engage consumers through VR browsing. WordPress introducing more themes that support VR images and videos, with it growing into self-hosted sites.

5. SaaS Models

The final trend in our list is a software advancement known as SaaS. This model is a way of delivering applications, with access over the internet being used to install and maintain business software. Many WordPress sites have started to provide this model as a way of selling services in a one-off payment. This allows for users to gain access to products on a subscription basis, which increases profits.

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