Why Logos Are Essential to Your Business

Business marketing would not be the same without logos. It is the major representation of a company, something that is carried on every business card, every email sign off. It is the company’s symbol, and needs to resonate in the minds of your audience as a clear identifier. It is because of this, that you need a stylish logo at the face of your company’s marketing strategy, and overall business.

When harnessed correctly, it can be the most powerful marketing tool to your business.

There is no way to really establish your business if you do not have a ‘face’ in front of it. It is the connecting link between your business name, and the products you make. For instance, the iconic golden arches can be seen without the word ‘McDonalds’ plastered underneath, and most people in the world would be able to tell you exactly who the logo belongs to and what they sell. The world is filled with highly visual people, and studies have shown that people are able to recognise pictures faster than text.

The Look

Now, there are a lot of logos out in the world. Image, and first impressions, can be the make or break of your success. Yours needs to be interesting and eye-catching for potential customers, whilst also delivering clean and legible design elements. From the typography displayed, to the colours used, there needs to be cohesion amongst the whole design. The font used can show that you are traditional through an older typeface, or it can show aggressiveness through a bolded type. If there are images attached to your logo, perhaps something linked to the core of your business matched with colours that are fitting to the type of emotion that you want your customers to feel. You need to establish how you want to portray yourself and create an identity.


Once you have established a logo that you want to be the face of your company, you need to stick with it. Changing your logo regularly can greatly damage the portrayal of your business as being flimsy and unsure. So, ensure that the logo you create is the right one for you.

Logos also have the power to build a following, believe it or not. For instance, GAP in 2010 rebranded from their classic blue square with the name through the middle. It instantly had customers upset, and a few days after the unveiling the company folded and went back to their original logo. Through years of repetition, they had established a community that had developed brand loyalty.


Your logo effectively is like your company’s signature. It allows you to gain a sense of ownership over all products you produce and will allow easier brand recognition and loyalty to buyers. Investing in a great logo and web design can be one of the best things you can do for your company.

Put a face to the name, and get a great logo today.

By Nothing But Web

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