Why We Think WordPress Is Best

The team here at Nothing But Web are big fans of WordPress. Not only do many of our clients find it user-friendly, but it’s highly customisable and comes with numerous supported plugins.
Unlike other content management systems, WordPress is an open source CMS with a free license, which means it has become extremely popular with businesses of all kinds, and has been downloaded more than 30 million times worldwide.
However, one of the key reasons why we love it so much is because it’s packed with loads of SEO-friendly features, which is absolutely crucial for many of our clients as they seek to boost their leads and conversion rates.

Easy to add content

WordPress makes it exceptionally easy to manage website content. And, seeing as Google is all about ranking new and unique content, it’s important to be able to add new blog posts and regularly refresh your pages’ content.

Customise your URLs

Developers like us love WordPress because we can influence how Google determines the relevancy of our content by inserting popular keywords and search phrases into the website’s URLs.

Easy-to-navigate mapping

With WordPress, it’s easy to create a sophisticated network of pages by creating post categories, and even parent categories. All posts can then be tagged, which makes it easy for Google to navigate their way through the website and index all the pages.

WordPress sites automatically notice Update Services

Another drawcard for WordPress is its integration with Pingomatic, which is a service that notifies different search engines (including Google) that your blog has been updated. The more Google finds your new content, the more they will return to your website.
On this note, WordPress also offers a “new content bump” for all new blog posts, which means Google gives newly published blog content an initial lift in rankings. Although this settles down after a few days, it’s nevertheless useful for bringing in those eyes on your page.

SEO plugins

The WordPress community is large, which means a number of plugins have been developed to offer SEO-friendly features like manual meta descriptions and title tags, which you wouldn’t be able to customise when using a non-WordPress CMS.
Lastly, we love WordPress because of its responsive design. WordPress sites recognise when a user is accessing their website from a mobile device, so it automatically adjusts the pages accordingly. Now that we know mobile-friendly websites rank higher on Google, you’d be silly not to use WordPress to build your next website.

By Nothing But Web

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