Why You Should Introduce Video to Your Website

Visual content is particularly powerful at getting people to remember things. On top of its ability to retain visitors, video content can draw customers into your company story, and lets you pack lots of ideas into a neat 2-3-minute package.

Best of all, videos can make your customers like you. Just like with your other marketing efforts, it’s important to create an emotional connection in your videos. This way you’re making your content not only enjoyable and relatable, but also highly sharable.

When putting together your video content, always think about your audience and who you’re trying to connect with.

Cater to short online attention spans, and make your videos succinct. Customers are much more likely to watch a two-minute video than they are to read a page of text.

Importantly, make sure your videos prove your business’s worth to your viewers – this will go a long way in boosting your rankings.

Address your customers’ pain points

Use your video content to directly address your audience’s pain points and provide them with new information. Host a Q&A or Ask Me Anything session, livestream industry events, or even publish a short video introducing the company, detailing its mission and vision. Film customer testimonials, which are already a powerful social proof tool.

Make it easy to find your content

When organising your video content on your website, group them together and make it easy for your viewers to search through your video archive. Create galleries and tags and create separate landing pages for each video. This way, Google and other search engines can index each video individually.

Introduce interactive elements

Now that you’ve got viewers watching your videos, use the opportunity to ask them to do something more. Introduce interactive elements like surveys and ask your viewers to click on in-video links. Videos also make for engaging weekly updates. Try this instead of a standard e-newsletter.

Allow others to embed your content

And to build more inbound links, let your viewers embed your content to their website. Video content is also ideal for sharing on social media, plus people are much more likely to share video content than they are a blog post, for example.

Add transcriptions

Really boost the power of your video content and up your rankings by writing transcriptions for each of your videos. Not only will this allow your customers to get a quick overview of what your video is about, but it provides you with an opportunity to use relevant keywords – another easy SEO win.

These days, almost anyone can create high-quality, professional videos using automated software. And with their potential to boost your website’s rankings and improve its user experience, you’d be remiss not to give video content a go.
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