Why Choose WordPress for Your Website Design and Development?


Did you know that WordPress is used by around a quarter of the top 10 million websites worldwide? As the number-one choice for web development, this platform is particularly ideal for bloggers, graphic designers, photographers, corporate businesses and small to medium-sized websites.


Since launching in 2003, WordPress has become uber-popular among website designers and developers, and for a slew of good reasons. Here are a just few:


Ideal for beginners. WordPress is extremely popular because it is so simple to use. The intuitive backend allows you to quickly and seamlessly make updates to your site while managing your existing content with ease.


Built-in blogging. As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress was initially established purely to cater to bloggers. It soon evolved into a fully-fledged website builder, but its blogging functionalities remain its most famed asset.


SEO-friendly. We’re all aware that search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital to getting noticed online. WordPress has been primed in such a way as to boost your SEO efforts. Plus, you can even throw in some free SEO plugins to accelerate your online presence even further.


Mobile-optimised. Hand-in-hand with SEO comes mobile optimisation. These days, it’s absolutely necessary to render your website friendly for mobile devices – WordPress design works with all screen sizes.


Big support network. This particular CMS has floated around the digital sphere for more than a decade now, which means it’s had the time to cultivate a strong support network. As such, it is continuously being tweaked, improved and enhanced.


No coding required. Unlike other CMSs, WordPress development aims to be as pain-free as possible by foregoing complex coding and opting for simple text editors and fields to input images, copy and videos. Basically, it comprises of ‘content building blocks’ so that once the developer’s work is done, the client can continue to manage their WordPress website on their own.


Showcase your brand’s personality with custom WordPress design and development


As a free and open-source CMS, WordPress allows web designers and developers to totally customise websites. Themes can be tailored to your liking using the customisation tab in the dashboard, premium plugins can be installed to add things like pop-up subscriptions, and the actual structure of your website can even be altered.


But how exactly does it all work?


Once our WordPress web developers finish building your site for you, we’ll provide you admin access so you can log in to the backend and manage your site from there. The Nothing But Web team will teach you how to operate WordPress and guide you through its simple functionalities, giving you the confidence to take the reins.

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